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Hassle-free sourcing for a range of home products.

About us

Fresh Source International is a cost-effective resource for private label home goods. Our goal is to help our clients get the most out of their products, regardless of what they may be. We offer both manufacturing services and sourcing for a comprehensive shopping experience.

Fresh Source International makes everything from start to finish, without the use of a middleman. Our products begin with a team of dedicated designers to create innovative items using the best materials. All of our U.S.-based designs are then produced in our privately owned manufacturing facilities in China. This helps Fresh Source International give customers high-quality products with inexpensive price tags.

While we strive to produce the best products possible, we can’t manufacture everything. Fresh Source International understands that our clients need more than what we can internally produce. If we don’t happen to have the product you’re looking for, our in-house sourcing team will find it for you. We offer hassle-free sourcing for a wide range of products.

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The Fresh
Source Story

Fresh Source International has provided private label design & manufacture since 2001. We skip the middleman, work with U.S. designers, and produce high quality workmanship in our privately owned manufacturing plants in China. Since Fresh Source International handles both manufacturing and sourcing, we can provide a comprehensive shopping experience. If you need a product that we don’t carry, we’ll find it for you.

Everyone deserves products that are made to last, stylish, and affordable.

Fresh Source International gives you all three. Our products are manufactured for the highest quality using designs from our team based on the current research in trends. We pride ourselves on our quality, trendiness, and affordability. Fresh Source International focuses on customer-satisfaction to continually improve and provide better products each and every year.